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Northwest Kids

When you arrive, look for our Children Check-In Center in the lobby (fill out a connect card ahead of time to speed up the process). Children are invited to stay in worship for the first part of our service which will include contemporary, upbeat worship songs. During our informal greeting time, parents/guardians are invited to take their children to the lower level to our children’s program. Teens can walk to their classes during this time as well.

Checking In

Parents/Guardians sign in their children in the lobby upon arrival and then will be prompted to take their children to their classes after the first part of the worship service. You can fill out your family's information on the guest connect card ahead of your visit to speed up the check-in process. Parents pick up their children at the end of service from the individual classrooms. If children require assistance during worship, parents will be alerted by a volunteer. All volunteers working with youth and children must have been attending NWCC for six months, gone through an application process, and passed a background check.

Age Groups

Northwest Nest


Our nursery is a nurturing space where infants and toddlers are given lots of attention. Even in these beginning stages of life and faith, we want our smallest guests and members to learn that church is a safe place filled with love and care.

Lower Elementary

Grades K-2

The goal of the lower elementary class is for children to learn the stories of the Bible through images and experiential learning and to see the Christian life being modeled through their teachers.


Ages 3-5

Our preschool class is designed to provide a safe and happy place for our youngest members to learn about God's love. We sing songs, read stories, and play with a volunteer/child ratio that provides opportunity for attention to each child.

Upper Elementary

Grades 3-5

As students grow and mature, our teachers help them learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives. In the upper grades our classes become more discussion based, encouraging students to develop their personal faith and understanding of God and the Bible.

Children's Ministry Leaders

Katrina Furth

Upper Elementary Captain

Tiffany Freeman

Preschool Team Captain

Jasmine Johnson

Minister of Family Life & Middle School Captain

Susan Ruz

Nursery Captain

Ruth Vargas

Lower Elementary Captain

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